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Beauty Labs Launches Worldwide

The face of beauty will be revolutionised with the launch of thanks to a unique fusion of consumer products and groundbreaking technology.

Beauty Labs’ proprietary turnkey technology will power the next generation of mobile and web beauty applications and services.

Earlier this year, Beauty Labs was tasked by the industry leader in Professional Hair products to solve a seemingly impossible problem. Now, Beauty Labs has expanded its operations to provide their unique technology with a handful of leading brands.

“We’re looking to partner with forward-thinking businesses keen to lead and capitalise on the significant disruption of technology in the Beauty sector. The beauty industry is relentlessly evolving and connected consumers now want to engage with brands and products in a personal, seamless manner,” says Mark Gerhard, Co-Founder of Beauty Labs. “We’re seeing a seismic shift with over 3⁄4 of consumers favouring brands who provide value-added services. Our technology platform directly addresses that need offering brands a fast, intelligent, and immersive solution to reach their audiences in a currently untapped digital channel.”

Supported by the very best minds in Game Development, Retail, Live Services, Consumer Psychology, AI and Deep Learning, Beauty Labs has produced a unique solution that will shape the future of this $400 billion industry. Now, more than ever, successful brands are taking the necessary steps to ensure they are directly connected to their customers.

Beauty Labs is poised to disrupt the foundation of beauty & wellness and welcomes anyone who dares to challenge the impossible to work alongside them to revolutionise this industry. Contact Beauty Labs to find out more.

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