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A New Kind of Intimacy Between Customers and Brands.

Where lockdown created physical distance, technology had the opportunity to create a new kind of intimacy between brand and customer. Enter the land of virtual try-on where for the past few years, BeautyLabs have been creating best in class augmented reality experiences for brands globally.

16th April 2021
Industry Insights

BeautyLabs’ Tech Advantage Means Big Things for Beauty Apps

BeautyLabs founder Mark Gerhard on why custom apps are the smartest way forward.

1st June 2020
Industry Insights

AR/VR Technologies Fuel Quiet Revolution in Shopping

Augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D assets are changing how customers shop both online and in stores. How can retailers make the most of these promising technologies?

20th February 2020
Industry Insights

Key Insights from CEW’s Connected Consumer Conference 2019

CEW's Connected Consumer Conference was full of great learning and insights into the future of customisable and personalised beauty, and we are thrilled to be driving towards that future.

9th December 2019
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BeautyLabs’ AR to revolutionise cosmetic brands in $400bn market

An exciting new spin-out from Cambridge games powerhouse PlayFusion is set to revolutionise global beauty brands with a unique Augmented Reality play targeting a $400 billion market. Read more at Business Weekly.

10th October 2019
Beauty Labs Updates

BeautyLabs Launches Worldwide

Breaking Beauty’s Boundaries: Beauty Labs emerges from Stealth Mode! The beginning of October saw Beauty Labs step out to revolutionise the face of connected cosmetics.

6th October 2019

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