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What We Offer

Our proprietary Enhanced Reality Engine™ seamlessly augments everything you can see, hear and touch providing your brand a new, untapped channel to reach your audience. Unlike many other beauty tech providers, we offer a complete omnichannel experience that bridges your offline and online businesses, maximising current revenue streams while unlocking new and profitable opportunities.

We pride ourselves on being hands-on with the ability to bring your wildest vision to life.

Personalised Beauty

Beauty will always be a very personal purchase, and intelligent AI recommendations are key for you to incentivise, reward, and win consumers back over time. The ‘one size fits all’ approach is dead. Consumers prefer to embrace products and services made specifically for their preferences, looks, and aspirations.

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Immersive Visualisation

Consumers are becoming increasingly more visual and want to understand a product’s ‘full effect’ before they are willing to purchase. Leverage the BeautyLabs’ platform to help consumers see the very best versions of themselves through interactive, realistic, and tailored try-ons.

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Connected Commerce

Dominate the point of sale by combining AI-driven recommendations and a frictionless checkout experience increasing conversion and overall basket size.

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Interactive Education

Remain connected and continue to build loyalty with your consumers after they make a purchase through interactive beauty tutorials. Control the messaging and end experience by helping your customers achieve the very best possible results with your products.

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Every Device Matters

Our technology runs on over 4 billion devices – both in-app and on the web – and guarantees audiences can access your brand’s experience on any device at any time in any location.

Unparalleled Insights

Our unique approach to creative data science provides you with unbiased, statistically relevant insights into how consumers interact with your brand across all touch points, including time-based data, customer spending behaviour, real-time telemetry, and overall brand engagement.

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